Respect & Inclusivity

Respectful, Inclusive Scientific Events at GSA Connects 2021

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RISE/Events Code of Conduct Office

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Sunday, 10 Oct. to Wednesday, 13 Oct.
9 a.m.–5 p.m. PDT
Students smile while sitting on stairs in a conference setting.

Let’s Make this a Respectful Inclusive Scientific Event (RISE)

GSA takes pride in offering safe, professional, inclusive events in which participants with diverse backgrounds and points of view feel welcome and can count on being treated with dignity and respect. By attending this meeting, you agree to comply with GSA’s Events Code of Conduct and make this a Respectful, Inclusive Scientific Event (“RISE”). Here are some simple ways you can make this a positive, engaging, and welcoming experience for everyone:

Show Respect

  • Keep questions concise and on topic.
  • Be considerate, and and listen with an open mind.
  • Be constructive—critique ideas, not people.
  • Avoid saying or doing anything that is or is likely to be perceived as harassment or bullying.

Be Inclusive

  • Demonstrate that you welcome a diversity of individuals and their identities.
  • Show that you value different perspectives.
  • Be mindful of potential biases and avoid comments and behaviors that are likely to make others feel unwelcome or uncomfortable based on any identity-based factors. Harassment and bullying are never acceptable regardless of intent.

Think Twice About Recording and Sharing Presenters’ Content

  • Presenters and conveners may choose not to allow photographs or audio/video recordings of their work and may not authorize others to distribute such information via social media or other channels.
  • Find out what is deemed acceptable before taking pictures, making recordings, or sharing content for any purpose outside of this event.

Speak Up and Act Responsibly

GSA takes all concerns seriously and will take action against individuals found to have violated the Events Code of Conduct. Such action may include but is not limited to requiring offenders to leave the event without refund.