HealthShield Screening and Proof of Vaccination

Health Screening and Proof of Vaccination

In-person attendees will complete a daily health screening and upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination with an easy-to-use tool called HealthShield.

GSA is requiring this process to provide confidence in the safety of meeting attendees and to ensure that every arriving attendee can attest to their current health status.



HealthShield uses text messages to guide you through screening and document submission—no app required.

The screening consists of three simple questions recommended by the CDC. Attendees must complete the health screening daily before entering the Oregon Convention Center.

You can also complete the screening process at the entrance doors of the convention center; however, completing it beforehand will be much faster.


How it Works and What to Expect

If you provided your mobile phone number during meeting registration, HealthShield will text you automatically for the daily screening and to upload your document(s).*

If you did not provide your mobile phone number or want to get started now, scan the QR code or text ‘Hi’ to 855-498-2914.

A QR code that initiates a text message to 855-498-2914.

Complete a Daily Screening

  1. Follow the instructions and Screening link texted to you.
  2. Answer three quick screening questions.
  3. HealthShield will confirm your results, and you are welcome to join the meeting.

Upload Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

  1. Follow the instructions and Upload Tool link texted to you.*
  2. Take or upload a photo of your document.
  3. HealthShield will confirm your upload, and your document will be reviewed and validated.

*International attendees and attendees without smartphones should follow this link to upload documents.

Need Help?

Get step-by-step assistance and troubleshooting

A smartphone screen displays HealthShield text messages.

FAQ and More Information

HealthShield FAQ
Connects 2021 Vaccine and COVID-19 Test Requirements FAQ

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