Special Presentation Area

Phoenix Convention Center, Halls AB, Special Presentation Area

Sunday, 22 September

GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division.

Please also attend the continuation of this session, 1:45–5:30 p.m., North Ballroom 120D, North Building.

GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Geophysical Union; National Association of Geosciences Teachers; National Earth Science Teachers Association.
Ariel D. Anbar; Carla McAuliffe; Brooks Hanson.

New technologies for data visualization and discovery, and new education technologies, are transforming geoscience education, enabling active modes of discovery-based learning at scale. Interactive simulations, immersive and extended-reality environments, adaptive and personalized learning platforms, and digital tutoring are examples of technologies that enable rich, active learning experiences in and out of traditional classrooms. This symposium includes presentations, panel discussion, and a hands-on showcase to explore the state of the art and future frontiers.

Monday, 23 September

GSA Geology and Society Division; GSA History of Geology Division; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; GSA Geoscience Education Division.
Iain Stewart; Callan Bentley.

Artwork to be displayed. Please visit the session taking place in North Ballroom 120D, North Building.

Tuesday, 24 September

GSA Geoscience Education Division; American Geosciences Institute; American Geophysical Union; National Association of Geoscience Teachers; National Earth Science Teachers Association.
Aida Awad; Carla McAuliffe; Ed Robeck.

This active learning, hands-on approach session will allow participants to engage with curriculum materials and sample activities from several organizations that are unified by their attention to next-generation science standards–aligned, three-dimensional instruction that takes a phenomenon-based approach.

Debra Needham.

Join us for a 51-minute Smithsonian Channel production that focuses on the missions of Apollo 14 through Apollo 17. This episode emphasizes the geological missions of Apollo – as well as the story of the first (and only, so far) geologist on the Moon, NASA Astronaut Harrison “Jack” Schmitt. A short question and answer session will follow, led by the GSA Planetary Geology Division’s 2nd Vice Chair and Planetary Scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Dr. Debra Needham.

Donald I. Siegel; Vicki S. McConnell.

GSA President Don Siegel and Executive Director Vicki S. McConnell invite you to join them for a briefing and discussion of the recently GSA Council–approved GSA Decadal Strategic Plan. This meeting is open to all.

Wednesday, 25 September

Kasey White.

Bringing Your Science to Policy and the Public: Panelists will share opportunities and tips to communicate your science to broader audiences, ranging from meeting with policymakers to using media such as podcasts, blogs, and print.