Best Paper

Best Paper Award

At the yearly annual meeting, the Energy Geology Division recognizes presentations which are of exceptional scientific quality and are visually appealing. At least one paper is chosen from all the symposium, theme session, general session and poster session presentations sponsored by the Energy Geology Division. Past winners are listed below.

Past Best Paper Award Winners

2017, Seattle, Washington

Best Oral Paper

Best Poster

2016, Denver, Colorado

Best Oral Paper

Best Poster

2015, Baltimore, Maryland

Best Oral Paper

Lopano, C.L., Stuckman, M., Thomas, C.L., Jain, J., and Granite, E., Geochemical characterization of rare earth elements in coal combustion byproducts utilizing synchrotron technology

Best Poster

Hill, J.M., Kyle, J.R., Caesar, K., and Loyd, S.J., Petrographic and isotopic evidence for microbial influence in the origin of the Boling salt dome calcite cap rock, Houston diapir province, Texas

2014 Vancouver, BC

Best Oral Paper:

Barber, Troy, and Hu Qinhong, Applying vacuum saturation to study the pore structure of tight shales

No poster award

2013 Denver, CO

Best Oral Paper:

Greb, S.F., The role of accommodation space on the preservation of in situ trees in the coal fields of the Appalachian Basin

Best Posters:

Srinivasaraghavan, Vishnu, Rimmer, Susan M., Tobin, Amberly, Rahman, Mohammad W., Annderson, Ken, Influence of coal lithotype composition on the oxidative hydrothermal dissolution (OHD) process

Jung, Na-Hyun, Han, Weon Shik, Kim, Kue-Young, Watson, Zachary T., Graham, Jack P., Thao, Cheng. Fault-controlled CO2 leakage from natural reservoirs in the Colorado Plateau, east-central Utah

2012 Charlotte, N.C.

Best Paper:

Vinson D.S., (presenter), McIntosh, J.C., Ritter, D.J., Blair, N.E., and Martini A.M., Carbon isotope modeling of methanogenic coal biodegradation: Metabolic Pathways, Mass Balance, and the role of sulfate reduction, Powder River Basin, USA.

Best Poster:

Swanson, S.M., Mastalerz, M.D., Warwick, P.D., Hackley, P.C., Engle, M.A., and Valentine, B.J., Investigation of pore characteristics in the Wilcox Group Coal, Gulf Coast Region: Relationships to biogenic gas

2002 Denver

Best Oral Paper:

The Classic Pennsylvanian Locality of Joggins, Nova Scotia: Paleoecology of a Disturbance-prone Wetland Ecosystem By: CALDER, John H., NS Dept Nat Rscs, PO Box 698, Halifax, NS B3J 2T9, Canada, and FALCON-LANG, Howard, Department of Earth Sciences, Univ of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1RJ, United Kingdom

Best Poster:

Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Water Co-produced with Coalbed Methane in the Fort Union and Wasatch Formations of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana By: RICE, Cynthia A.1, ELLIS, Margaret S.2, BARTOS, Timothy T.3, and FLORES, Romeo M.2, (1) U.S. Geol Survey, P.O. Box 25046, MS 973, Lakewood, CO 80225,, (2) U.S. Geol Survey, P.O. Box 25046, MS 939, Lakewood, CO 80225, (3) U.S. Geol Survey, 2617 E. Lincolnway, Suite B, Cheyenne, WY 82001-5662:

2001 Boston

Best Oral Paper:

SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL TRENDS OF LOWER AND MIDDLE PENNSYLVANIAN COALS, CENTRAL APPALACHIAN BASIN, U.S.A by: GREB, Stephen F.(1), EBLE, Cortland F.(2), and CHESNUT, Donald R. Jr. (2), (1) Kentucky Geol Survey, 228 MMRB, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506,, (2) Kentucky Geological Survey, 228 MMRB, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0107

Best Poster:

GENESIS OF COAL LINKED TO CATASTROPHIC FLOODS, EARLY PERMIAN, PARANA BASIN, BRAZIL by: BEGOSSI, Romana and DELLA FÁVERA, Jorge Carlos, Stratigraphy and Paleontology Department - DEPA, Rio de Janeiro State Univ - UERJ, Rua São Francisco Xavier 524, 4th floor - Fac. Geol, Rio de Janeiro, 20550-013, Brazil,

2000 Reno

Meyer, J.F.  Groundwater level changes associated with coal mining and coalbed methane development in the eastern Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

1998 Toronto

Greb, S.F., Chesnut, D.R., Jr., Eble, C.F., Nelson, W.J., and Blake, B.M. Changing influences of tectonics, eustacy, and climate on Pennsylvanian coals in the Illinois and Appalachian basins.

1997 Salt Lake City

Warwick, P.D., Flores, R.M., Nichols, D.J., Murphy, E.C., and Obradovich, J.D., 1997, Fort Union chronostratigraphic and depositional sequences, Williston Basin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana.

1996 Denver

Scott, A.R. and Kaiser, W.R.  Hydrogeology in coalbed methane exploration.

1994 Seattle

Sykes, R., Edbrooke, S.W. and Pocknall, D.T.  A coal seam facies model for the recognition of raised mire deposits in the Tertiary.

1991 San Diego

Demchuk, T.D., Cameron, A.R. and Hills, L.V.  Palynologic, petrographic, and geochemical variations in an early Paleocene coal zone.

1990 Dallas

Willard, D.   Paleoecology of the Late Pennsylvanian Calhoun coal (Missourian) of Illinois: paleobotanical and palynological analysis.