Cady Award

Gilbert H. Cady Award

The Cady Award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of coal geology. Coal geology refers to the field of knowledge concerning the origin, occurrence, relationships and geologic characteristics of the many varieties of coal and associate rocks, including economic implications .

This award is generally made annually, but may be withheld in any year where there are no recommendations made. Funds for the award are derived from interest from the Gilbert H. Cady Memorial Fund which is administered by the GSA Foundation, which accepts personal and corporate donations. Past Cady award winners are listed below. Nominations are solicited throughout the year, but normally are submitted in the spring (deadline March 1st) to ensure the selection process is completed in time for presentation of the award at the fall GSA Annual Meeting, and the Energy Geology Division Business Meeting. Note, nominees should abide by the GSA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Nominations will be evaluated by the Gilbert H. Cady Award Panel and should include the name, office or title, and affiliation of the nominee; date and place of birth; education, degree(s) and honors and awards; major events in his or her professional career; accomplishments that warrant nomination. Send three copies of the nomination by March 1 to the Cady Award chair, which is the Past (Division) Chair.

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  • 2023 Shifeng Dai, China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing (photo and citation to-be-posted)
  • 2022 Sue M. Rimmer, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (see photo and citation)
  • 2021 Xavier Querol, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Barcelona
    (see photo and citation)
  • 2020 Peter D. Warwick, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2019 C. Blaine Cecil, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2018 Stephen F. Greb, Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky (see photo and citation)
  • 2017 Cortland F. Eble, Kentucky Geological Survey, University of Kentucky (see photo and citation)
  • 2016 Robert Gastaldo, Colby College (see photo and citation)
  • 2015 Claus Diessel, University of Newcastle, Australia (see photo and citation)
  • 2014 Jack C. Pashin, University of Oklahoma (previously, Alabama Geological Survey) (see photo and citation)
  • 2013 Fariborz Goodarzi, Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary Division (see photo and citation)
  • 2012 Leslie "Jingle" Ruppert, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2011 William A. Dimichele, Smithsonian Institution (see photo and citation)
  • 2010 Colin R. Ward, University of New South Wales (see photo and citation)
  • 2009 R. Marc Bustin, University of British Columbia (see photo and citation)
  • 2008 Maria Mastalerz, Indiana Geological Survey, Indiana University (see photo and citation)
  • 2007 Andrew C. Scott, Royal Holloway University (see photo and citation)
  • 2006 James C. Hower, University of Kentucky (see photo and citation)
  • 2005 Arthur D. Cohen, University of South Carolina (see photo and citation)
  • 2004 Robert Finkelman, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2003 Romeo Flores, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2002 Ron Stanton, U.S. Geological Survey (see photo and citation)
  • 2001 Jack Crelling, Southern Illinois University
  • 2000 Russell Dutcher, Southern Illinois University
  • 1999 Alan Davis, Pennsylvania State University
  • 1998 No award presented
  • 1997 Alexander R. Cameron, Geological Survey of Canada
  • 1996 Frank Kottlowski, New Mexico Bureau of Mines
  • 1995 Richard. R. Thompson, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
  • 1995 Louis G. Benedict, Bethlehem Steel Corporation
  • 1994 Harold J. Gluskoter, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 1993 Marlies Teichmuller, Geological Survey of North Rhine, Westphalia
  • 1992 Tom Phillips, University of Illinois
  • 1991 John C. Ferm, University of Kentucky
  • 1990 No award presented
  • 1989 Robert M. Kosanke, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 1988 Ralph J. Gray, United States Steel Corporation
  • 1987 Aureal Cross, Michigan State University
  • 1985 Gordon Wood, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 1983 Paul Averitt, U.S. Geological Survey
  • 1981 Clayton G. Ball, Paul Weir Company
  • 1979 Peter A. Hacquebard, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • 1977 William Spackman, Pennsylvania State University
  • 1975 Jack Simon, University of Illinois
  • 1973 James M. Schopf, Ohio State University
Photo of past awardees taken 2023