(4 Members; Chair, 1 year; First Vice-Chair, 1 year; Second Vice-Chair, 1 year; Secretary, 3 years)

Management Board

(6 Members; consists of the Division officers, the Chair of the preceding year, and one Member-at-Large elected to serve a 3-year term)

Current Officers for 2023-24

Name Contact Position
Justin E. Birdwell jbirdwell 'at' Chair
Denise J. Hills denise.j.hills 'at' Past Chair
 Max Hu huqinhong 'at' First Vice Chair
Mindy Solomon mindy_solomon 'at' Second Vice-Chair
Marc L. Buursink buursink.usgs 'at' Secretary (Web)
J. Fred Mclaughlin derf1 'at' Member-at-Large
Eric Stautberg stautberg 'at' Student Representative

JTPC Representatives

  • Justin Birdwell
  • Marc Buursink

Past Officers

Check back soon for a list of past Division Chairs.