About the Karst Division

Our Mission

Advance and coordinate interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary karst science research and discovery and bring karst science to a prominent position in scientific, engineering, and planning endeavors.

Our Vision

Foster a robust, diverse, and sustainable karst science community by harnessing the capabilities of the Geological Society of America to unite karst scientists at all levels of expertise, from all sectors (academic, government, business, and industry), and from across the globe into one community.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the Karst Division are as follows.

  1. to promote the collaboration of scientists working across the broad disciplines involved in the scientific study of karst
  2. facilitate the presentation and discussion of their problems and ideas
  3. promote research and the timely publication of results on karst studies
  4. to cooperate with other Divisions and Sections of the Society and with other scientific organizations in fostering, aiding, furthering, and promoting research in karst systems
  5. to advise and assist the officers and committees of the Society in matters pertaining to karst science. The Division will encompass the integration of karst research through time and across social, political, geographic, and political space; to simultaneously promote both the broad scope and detailed disciplinary work demanded of rigorous interdisciplinary research; to nurture this growing spectrum of fields by active encouragement and mentoring of students; work in coordination with other GSA divisions; and to advise and assist the officers and committees of GSA in matters related to karst sciences.

Read our GSA Today article

Learn more about karst and the newly formed GSA Karst Division, written by Cory BlackEagle.

GSA Today karst article

BlackEagle, 2015, Karst Science and The Geological Society of America: GSA Today, v. 25, no. 1 (January), pp. 38-41.

About Our Website 

We are new, and our website is constantly evolving. Please stop by often to see what new content has been added! If you have suggestions about what you would like to see on the KD website, or if you come across content related to karst that you think would be of interest and value to the KD audience, please feel free to contact our Web and Social Media Manager with your thoughts.

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