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Welcome to the new G&S website.  We now have all of the information posted from before but have added GSA's new community functionality.  We are very eager for all G&S Division members to connect on a very real level with one another.  Once logged in, use the G&S directory to make contacts, start a discussion thread, share files and even blog. And let's make this a friendly place by uploading a photo to your profile page.  Please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page with any questions.


  • Dear Colleagues, In the past couple of weeks you may have watched the epic "1000 year" floods that have inundated the Greater Yellowstone area with some ... More

  • Hello Geology and Society Division, We wanted to bring to your attention that after a two-year hiatus, Geoscience Congressional Visit Days (GEO-CVD) ... More

  • Oxford University is hosting a Geoheritage virtual conference in early June. Registration is free: www.oxgvc.co.uk. There are a lot of excellent talks. ... More

  • Call for Nominations Deadline: June 3, 2022 The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine seeks expert nominations for committee ... More


  • An Opportunity to Connect and Share via a "Gatebreaking" Topical Session

    Submitted for your consideration.  An interesting and innovative technical session at the Annual Meeting.  Perhaps you have some pertinent "gatebreaking" ideas to share with the audience. The below session is endorsed by the Geology and Society Division: T155. Gatebreaking: Passing along Your Biggest Lessons Learned in the Geosciences - Scientists ...
  • G&S Spring Newsletter!

    Members should have our spring 2022 newsletter in your inbox. Read an amusing and thought-provoking message from our current chair, Jim Heller; meet 'new' board members and community engagement coordinator; and check out some rapidly upcoming opportunities. Regardless, you can check it out online! Happy almost Earth Day!
  • G&S Division Board Opening - Interested in Being the NEW GPPC Liaison?

    Are you Interested in a service role with the Geology and Society Division Management Board? Do you have an interest in geoscience policy?  Do you like engaging with your fellow scientists on geoscience and environmental issues? We are inviting nominations (yourself or one of your GSA associates) for the appointment to "Liaison to GSA's Geology & Public ...