Best Student Presentation Award

G&G Division student members can be considered for a Best Student Presentation award. Winners receive a cash prize. 

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Best Student Presentation Awardees

2023 - Oral

Hannah Proffitt — University of Kansas
Presentation title: Monitoring Induced Seismicity using Low-Cost Seismometers: A Case Study in Central Kansas
2023 - Poster

Joseph Phillips— Northern Arizona University
Presentation title: Spatial Variation in Anisotropic Shear Velocity of Old Oceanic Lithosphere-Asthenosphere in the Southwest Pacific
2022 - Oral

Peter Akerele — University of Arkansas
Presentation title: Ground Penetrating Radar as an Investigative Tool for Cracking and Deterioration on Bridge Surfaces, Decks, Rebars
2022 - Poster

Saiful Apru — University of Dhaka
Presentation title: Crustal Structure and Moho Topographic Variation of Bangladesh using the Joint CCP (Common Conversion Point) Stacking and H-k analysis: An Approach from Receiver Function Technique
2022 - Oral

Molly Gallahue — Northwestern University
Presentation title: Why do Earthquake Hazard Maps Predict Higher Shaking than Observed?
2021 - Oral Donald Wormington — Missouri State University
Presentation title: Geophysical investigations in determining the extent of karst features south of Springfield, Missouri
2021 - Poster Kirsty A. McKenzie — Pennsylvania State University
Presentation title: Mid-Miocene to present upper-plate deformation of the southern Cascadia forearc: effects of the superposition of subduction and transform tectonics
2020 - Oral Jingchuan Wang — University of Alberta
Presentation title: Sequential Fault Reactivation and Secondary Triggering in the March 2019 Induced Earthquake Swarm Near Red Creek, Alberta
2020 - Oral Ryley Hill — San Diego State University 
Presentation title: Can the Lack of Lake Loading Explain the Earthquake Drought on the Southern San Andreas Fault
2020 - Poster Carlo Azuara — University of Alberta
Presentation title: Seismic Velocity Determination by Using Stratigraphic Emphasis to Predict Pore Pressure Distribution in the Devonian Duvernay Formation in the Fox Creek Area, Alberta, Canada