Justin Samuel PG

Director of Marketing and Communications,
Geological Society of America

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Geological Society of America
Boulder, CO

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I am a Vermont-based registered professional geologist and science communication professional with a background in environmental consulting, regulatory compliance, natural hazard mitigation, and journalism. As a member of the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) Communications & Marketing team, I work to strengthen GSA’s community relationships and to disseminate our members’ thought-leadership through social media, as well as via traditional public relations channels. My goal is to inspire, support, and enable geoscientists to more effectively connect with the public and with policy-makers regarding the critical importance and fundamental relevance of our science to societal needs and Earth stewardship. To that end, I focus on web-based resources to foster engagement across the science/society interface on a broad spectrum of geoscience-related issues, utilizing fundamental principles of the ‘Science of Science Communication’ - the growing body of research on public attitudes regarding risk and uncertainty. I am particularly interested in frameworks for conveying controversial topics that factor the influence of values and ideologies on the public’s acceptance of scientific consensus.

It is a pleasure to serve GSA, and to help enhance the vitality of scientific communication in the geoscience community. I look forward to working with you.

Primary Professional Interest

  • Policy/Regulatory

Secondary Professional Interest

  • Hydrogeology/Hydrology