We are seeking 125 diverse geoscience students to participate in the On To the Future program this year.  Not only will your cost to attend the GSA Annual Meeting in Denver be partially covered, but you will have an opportunity to participate in activities and receptions at the Annual Meeting in which you will build confidence, skills and networks.

You qualify to be a participant in On To the Future if you are a student enrolled as a geoscience undergraduate major or in a geoscience graduate program, are a member of GSA, have NEVER attended a GSA Annual Meeting and are from traditional underrepresented, ethnic/racial or disability group.  We will also consider other underrepresented backgrounds (e.g., can include nontraditional students with respect to age, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin or ancestry, veteran’s status, socioeconomic class, physical and mental abilities, and international origin).

The online application process for students wishing to be considered for the On To the Future program is now closed.  Applications closed 31 July.  Successful applicants will be advised mid August. 

Please note that this program only offers partial funding and not everyone who applies will be funded.

We are looking for students who identify themselves as being in one or more of these groups:
  • Black (African Heritage)
  • Hispanic
  • Native American
  • Asian
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Other Pacific Islander
  • Veteran
  • Disability
  • Non-traditional (e.g. Older (> than 10 years since high school for an undergraduate > 15 years since high school for a graduate student, veteran etc)
  • First generation (neither parent graduated from college)
  • Other (to be specified in our application)

In the initial years of On To the Future, this program will be open to students who are citizens, residents or have a currently active student visa and enrolled in a college/university geoscience course in North America.

It's easy to apply.

You need to do just two things.

1. Complete the online application form (see link below) - including the name and contact information for a college professor reference.
2. Have your college professor email us a reference that includes:

  • Your full name.
  • The name of the college and department.
  • Professors name and contact details.

And text that  covers the following aspects of your school experience:

  • Confirm that you are a student at their college and meet one or more of the diversity requirements
  • Provide a summary of your academic achievement in their classes.
  • Provide a statement of what they see the benefit and/or need for you to attend the GSA Annual Meeting

They would need to email that to Divya Puri at GSA (

Here is a letter and blank form that you can hand to your nominated college faculty member that explains the program and they can use to complete the letter for you.

Are you ready now to apply?    Click the "Participate" button below.


Don't forget to have your College professor email in your reference. 
Applications without a corresponding reference will not be considered.