GSA Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony

Mind the Gap: GSA's Role in an Evolving Global Society

Sunday, noon - 1:30 p.m., WSCC, Ballroom 6A

Isabel MontañezIsabel Montañez

GSA Presidential Address

We are at the cusp of a historic time regarding the interface of science and society. Over two decades ago, GSA President Eldridge Moores addressed the “gulf in perception separating geoscientists from many other people” and presaged the growth of the divide (Moores, 1996). Facets of this issue have been the focus of several subsequent GSA presidential addresses highlighting its importance to the Society’s mission. The gap has multiple dimensions, including those between the subdisciplines of geosciences, unfulfilled potential for cross-disciplinary research, and the broader divide between the science literate and others less knowledgeable or appreciative of the relevance of the earth sciences to their lives. Most notable is the apparent growth of the science-society gap in recent years. In this talk, Montañez will address the role of GSA in this evolving global landscape and the opportunities to contribute to mending the gap. As GSA undergoes strategic planning over the next year we will explore innovative ways to build on and enhance the Society’s efforts to advance, communicate, and promote our science and its benefit to humanity.

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GSA Awards Ceremony

Sunday, noon - 1:30 p.m., WSCC, Ballroom 6A

Please join GSA President Isabel P. Montañez and GSA Vice President/President-Elect Robbie Gries to honor and greet the 2017 GSA Medal & Award recipients and Newly Elected Fellows.

At this year’s combined event, Montañez will deliver her Presidential Address followed by Vicki McConnell, Executive Director of GSA, who will provide a presentation on the state of the Society, and Jack Hess will provide a GSA Foundation update. All are welcome; no reservations, tickets, or meeting registration required.

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