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Preparing & Publishing Papers
A workshop for early-career geoscientists

Sunday, 22 Oct., 11:30 a.m.–2 p.m.
FREE (but an application is required); light lunch provided.

You have a big pile of data and lots of good ideas. How do you parse all that into discrete, coherent papers?

  • Find out what editors and reviewers look for
  • Find out what makes a well-prepared manuscript
  • Learn more about peer review

This workshop, led by science editors from GSA’s journals, will focus on the process of preparing your research for submission to scholarly journals. Presentations by the editors will be followed by roundtable discussions and a question-and-answer period. Space is limited. Please complete the online application to sign up. We welcome applications from graduate students, early-career researchers, people getting back into research after a hiatus, post-docs, or anyone for whom this discussion is relevant.

No Means No: How to Step Up and Stop Harassment 

Monday, 23 October, noon-1:30 p.m., WSCC, Ballroom 6B. 
Free and does not require pre-registration

The damage done by harassers and bullies begins with those they target. It extends to those who witness or hear about it. And it poisons the atmosphere everywhere it happens - including in the workplace, in field work settings, and at meetings and conferences. What can you do to stop harassment when you’re the target? How can you step in to stop it when you see it? Learn how to recognize harassment for what it is, how to decide when to step up and step in, and approaches and methods that work to stop harassing and bullying behavior. Presented by: Sherry A. Marts, Ph.D., S*Marts Consulting LLC

Teen Science Cafés

Broaden Your Recruiting and Research Impacts

Tuesday, 24 Oct., 12:15-1:15p.m., WSCC, Rooms 307/308

The Teen Science Cafe Network is a dynamic, growing network of programs across the country with the mission of connecting high school teenagers with science and scientists via the science cafe model. Teen Science Cafe programs can offer geoscience departments a substantive way to meet the challenges many of them face: finding ways to increase enrollment, helping faculty satisfy the broader impacts requirements of funding agencies, connecting with the surrounding communities, and providing opportunities for faculty and graduate students to learn how to communicate their science effectively to the public audience.

GeoCareers Workshop

Sun., 22 Oct. Part of GeoCareers Day.