The Meeting Co-Chairs and the GSA President and Executive Director are excited to welcome you to Seattle.

From the Meeting Co-Chairs

Alan Gillespie
Alan Gillespie
General Co-Chair
Darrel Cowan
Darrel Cowan
General Co-Chair

On behalf of GSA and the local organizing committee, we welcome you to Seattle. For those of you who are experiencing our city or even the Pacific Northwest for the first time, we think you’ll see why we enjoy living here.

As co-chairs, we have been privileged to have a glimpse at how a large GSA meeting is put together—how a quiet empty convention center is transformed into what you are seeing now. We are all indebted to Melissa Cummiskey, the senior meetings director at GSA, and her dedicated staff, who bring years of experience planning meetings in new venues, all of which offer special challenges and opportunities. We toured the center with the staff and tried to visualize how this cavernous space would be filled with the exhibits, and another with the posters. We sat with the Annual Program Committee, ably chaired by Peter Bobrowsky, as they selected Pardee Symposia and the noontime “Feed Your Brain” talks. Although mostly unseen, we should all thank Dick Berg, Kevin Mickus, and the Joint Technical Program Committee for their heroic efforts in fitting the myriad technical sessions into all the diverse meeting rooms with just the right number of seats.

The chairs of our local committees, without any interference from us, independently have ensured that all of the other aspects that you expect at an annual meeting excel: Linnea McCann, Student Committee; Ralph Haugerud and Harvey Kelsey, Field Trip Committee; Michael O’Neal, K–12 Committee, and Brian Butler, Sponsorship Committee.

When we were chatting together about what to write here, we agreed that we would avoid using words such as vibrant, scintillating, exciting, and awesome to describe the meeting, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest. Well, we’ve written them anyway! You are encouraged to choose which of these fits your own experiences here.

Alan Gillespie and Darrel Cowan
GSA 2017 General Co-Chairs

From the GSA President and Executive Director

Isabel P. Montañez
Isabel P. Montañez
GSA President
Vicki S. McConnell
Vicki McConnell
GSA Executive

We are pleased to welcome you to Seattle for GSA’s 129th Annual Meeting, held at the Washington State Convention Center, in the heart of the city. Seattle is most befitting as the site of this year’s Annual Meeting because it is truly a hot-bed of geology and geologic activity. And if you are looking for more—then cultural and gastronomic opportunities abound.

The meeting promises to be engaging given the diversity of technical sessions, field trips, and short courses that the Co-General Chairs, Allen Gillespie and Darrel Cowan, and the Technical Program Chair, Dick Berg, have organized. This year we present a near-record 257 Topical Sessions representing more than 30 geoscience disciplines and nearly all of our Divisions and Interdisciplinary Interest Groups. We will be offering six Pardee Keynote Symposia, particularly fitting given Joseph Thomas Pardee’s contributions to reconstructing Glacial Lake Missoula. These interdisciplinary sessions will challenge the geoscience community by addressing issues of diversity, reveal Earth’s anatomy, and offer the chance to speed date, among other topics. Intrigued as to what the italicized terms address? Join us at these Symposia to discover for yourself.

Seattle’s location in the Pacific Northwest, proximal to the volcanically and tectonically active Cascade Range, the site of ongoing subduction (Olympic Mountains), some of the best Pleistocene glacial landscapes, home to multiple natural hazards, and a rich archeological history, provides ample diversity for our 23 field trips. The short courses promise to provide something for students and professionals across the board. Skills that can be obtained in Seattle range from novel and 3D approaches to studying subaqueous systems to visualizing terrestrial landscapes, and span the spatial spectrum from nano-scale imaging to simulating magma chambers and basin exploration. Be sure to visit the exhibit hall to view the posters and engage in meaningful scientific and friendly discussions with colleagues and friends. The exhibit hall further features publishers, geoscience organizations, vendors of laboratory and field equipment, and representatives from dozens of graduate schools. And don’t forget to “Feed Your Brain,” Monday through Wednesday, with some lunchtime enlightenment. There will be plenty of room and time to meet with your colleagues and make new connections for your research at the convention center and around town.

We hope that you will join us on Sunday, 22 October, to celebrate the accomplishments of our GSA awardees and medalists and welcome our new Fellows. We invite you to the Presidential Address, given in conjunction with the Awards Ceremony. The talk will explore the role of GSA and the challenges and opportunities provided by the evolving global landscape—a topic that is reflected in this year’s meeting focus on the interface of geoscience research, communication, and society.

A key component of the Annual Meeting is the opportunity for geoscience students to present research and to see the latest results presented by top scientists from across the globe. There will be multiple venues for students to interact with one another and to network with academic and professional mentors from various employment sectors. These include GeoCareers Day, career short courses, the On To the Future program, and several networking and panel events.

A stimulating program awaits you!