GSA Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony

GSA Awards Ceremony

Sun., 25 Sept., noon–1:30 p.m.

Please join GSA President Claudia I. Mora and GSA Vice President/President-Elect Isabel P. Montanez to honor and greet the 2016 GSA Medal & Award recipients.

GSA Award Recipients GSA Division Award Recipients

At this year’s combined event, Mora will deliver her Presidential Address followed by Vicki McConnell, Executive Director of GSA, will provide a presentation on the state of the Society, and Jack Hess will provide a GSA Foundation update. All are welcome; no reservations, tickets, or meeting registration required.

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Mission-Driven Geoscience

Claudia MoraClaudia I. Mora

GSA Presidential Address

Geoscientists work across the spectrum, from the fundamental research that dominates academic departments to the applied science driving oil and gas exploration, mining and environmental protection. Within a number of federal agencies, especially the Department of Energy, geoscientists mesh fundamental and applied science to focus on mission-driven geoscience. Here the goal is to develop the basic understanding necessary to solve complex problems in support of the Nation’s energy and national security, and its environmental health. This address will explore some of the complex challenges being addressed by geoscientists within our national laboratories, from the detection and characterization of clandestine nuclear weapons testing to resolving the longstanding question of what to do with radioactive waste, both legacy and recent. The challenges also encompass the efficient and environmentally-sustainable development of our many energy resources, and improving our ability to predict the impacts of climate change at global and regional scales. Harnessing scientific understanding to resolve large, complex problems is fundamentally important to a healthy, safe and prosperous nation and will remain a challenge to future geo-generations.