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Welcome to the Roommates & Rides Community

IMPORTANT: Since this community serves all GSA meetings, please include which meeting you are posting about in the subject line (e.g., 2022 Denver or April 2022 Penrose Conference). This will help to avoid confusion if there is more than one meeting going on at once.

To protect your privacy, DO NOT include your email address or phone number in your post. While people have to sign in to to the community to participate in this discussion group, it does not require GSA membership and is therefore somewhat public.  Instead, please use the links to the right of the discussion post (reply to discussion or reply to author) to communicate.

This discussion community is to help GSA meeting attendees find roommates and/or rides to any of its meetings.  Click on the "Post" button near the Latest Discussions header on this page to start a new topic. 

Thank You.