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Free Lesson Plans

We know how important it is to have engaging lesson plans that help students to understand the complex, abstract Earth Science Concepts.  This page has lesson plans for various Earth Science topics for each grade level.  Take a moment to check them out.  If you like them, then go to our bookstore to view our CD-ROMs that we have available for teachers.  Each CD-ROM covers a geologic topic and contains numerous activities as well as other resources.  GSA members get 30% off!

Geologic Topic   Lesson Plans
 Earth Science General    
 Open Ended Scientific Method Lab
 Reaction Paper 
 Earthquakes & Volcanoes   
 Griddle Earth
 Real Evidence of a Subducting Plate 
 What's Shaking Dude
 Field Trip Power Plant
 Latent Heat
 Environmental Science  
 Groundwater Contamination
 Living Machine
 Geology & Geologic Time  
 Geologic Cross Section
 Relative Age
 Mapping & Geography  
 Creating Google Earth Tours
 Gilligan's Island
 Mapping Temperature Fields
 Paleontology & Evolution  
 Prehistoric Journey
 Plate Tectonics  
 Mid-Ocean Ridge Model
 Real Evidence of a Subducting Plate
 Towel Geology
 Rocks, Minerals & Mining  
 Earth Materials in a Subaru
 Fake Rocks
 Fast Crystallization
 If You Bit a Rock
 NIST Stone Wall Activity
 Rock Cycle Lab
 Sugar Cube Karst
 Toothpaste Twist
 Space Science  
 Edible Rocks- Meteorites
 Space Time
 Groundwater Contamination
 Weather & Climate  
 Land Water Temperature Lab
 Layers of the Atmosphere