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    Pre-college educator programs at GSA Baltimore ...

    Posted in: Geoscience Education...

    Coming out of the fine GSA Vancouver meeting were discussions about how to provide more experiences for pre-college educators at next year's Annual Conference in Baltimore. There are a lot of K-12 Earth Science educators in the region, so this is an...

  • Don Duggan-Haas

    RE: Most important take aways from Geology 101 ...

    Posted in: Geoscience Education...

    I'd want my students to understand that the most important issues facing society today - climate change; the nature of our energy system and its impacts on the environment; and a suite of issues related to having clean, accessible water are all matters...

  • Robert D. Dietz

    AGI/Schlumberger Fellowship in Geoscience Commu...

    Posted in: Geology & Society...

    Dear G&S Community (especially graduate students), I am passing along an announcement for the AGI/Schlumberger Fellowship in Geoscience Communication, beginning January or February 2015. Please note that the application deadline is this Sunday...


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  • Karen Ann Paczkowski

    National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program Act Reauthorization

    Geology & Society Division

    On Wednesday September 17 Jonathan D. Arthur (President, Association of American State Geologist and Director & State...

  • Kristinn Ingi Pétursson

    Eruption in Holuhraun, Iceland

    Good evening. I just wanted to blog a little about my trip to the eruption in Iceland, where I live. Excuse my english,...

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  • Yoram Eckstein

    "Dysfunctional Department"? ...or dysfunctional academic institution?

    Open Forum

    George Devries Klein commented July 29, 2014 on my Fri, Dec 27, 2013 blog titled “A tale of two defenses of two MS-theses...

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