GSA 2016




  • Field Trips: 1 December
  • Sessions: 1 February
  • Courses: 1 February

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  • Plan to Attend the Saturday Night Icebreaker in Baltimore

    Meet friends and plan your week ahead. It is Halloween, so dress up before you hit the town. New this year - mingle in the foyer with Division reps, E&O Program Officers, and stop by the student table to pick up your BINGO sheet - prizes available for students! Sponsored in part by Towson University.

NOVA Premiere

NOVA Premiere: Origins
GSA2015 attendees enjoyed a special preview of NOVA's 3-part series, "Making North America". Part 1 premiered 4 Nov. on PBS. Check PBS website for schedule.

GSA2015 Mobile Meeting

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Field Trip to Great Falls on the Potomac River
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crab feastBaltimore, Maryland, commonly known as Charm City, is a vibrant, ever-evolving, walkable city steeped in history.

  • In 1814, Baltimore’s bombardment by the British inspired Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
  • Visit the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine to learn more about the War of 1812.
  • Explore Baltimore’s world-famous Inner Harbor.
  • Enjoy the flavor of the city’s quirky and distinct neighborhoods.

Plus Baltimore’s location and geology will make for some unique field trips. Come explore this area’s geologic offerings and forge connections with other geoscientists.