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Help celebrate the 10th year of EarthCaches
(Download this information as a pdf)

Since the first EarthCache (GCHFT2) was placed on 10 January 2004 an amazing 4 million people have visited over 16,200 EarthCaches in 165 countries around the globe.  That is a truly outstanding impact  - people outside, having fun and learning about our dynamic planet all at the same time.  


The EarthCache program came from quite humble beginnings (a dad and his 8-year-old daughter) and with a noble aim -  to use the Earth to teach people about the geology under their feet.  “Let the Earth be your teacher” still encapsulates what the EarthCache program is about.

Now ten years on, the EarthCache program continues to provide a way for geocachers to experience some amazing places and learn more about our amazing planet.  

Throughout the ten years the program has established some programs and events that aim to support EarthCachers - the EarthCache Masters and Discovery Programs, EarthCache Day and the International EarthCache Events (IEEs).  We have also started to organize EarthCache GeoVentures - special field trips for EarthCachers.   These are wonderful programs that have helped to build a community of EarthCachers through which some life-long friendships have been formed.

Our future continues to be very bright.   We want to build on all these programs and work with our wonderful volunteer reviewers (the “Geoawares”) to help cachers around the world continue to enjoy and learn about all aspects of geoscience.

However, these program require support.  The EarthCache program is administered by The Geological Society of America and we rely on the financial support of our EarthCache community to keep the wheels turning.   Today we are asking if you will be one of our program supporters by providing us a small donation to keep us moving ahead.

What would your support allow us to do...

Develop the EarthCache Academy - an online learning adventure where EarthCachers can learn more about Earth Science so they can better develop and appreciate EarthCache sites around the globe. Estimated cost $8500 a year.

Increase the support given to cachers who run events based on Earthcaching (stickers, pins, coins and other materials to hand out at events). Estimated cost $3000 a year.

Increase the support given to cache owners by GSA staff and provide more tools to enable cache owners to better meet the guidelines. Estimated cost $4500 a year.

Create a better experience at International EarthCache Events by bringing in more relevant guest speakers, activities and fields trips while not increasing the costs. Estimated cost $2500 a year.

Increase our presence at teacher/museum conferences so we can train educators on how to use EarthCaches in their teaching. Estimated cost $3500 a year.

What we need...

We need to raise funds each year to cover these programs. Your support can really enhance what we do for EarthCachers around the world and right in your backyard! We hope that we can build a team of supporters who will share with us in the future development of EarthCaches.

We have four ways you can support EarthCaches - based on the Earth’s layers in our logo!

Crust supporters- (up to $100 a calendar year)

Mantle supporters ($500 a calendar year) 

Outer Core supporters ($1,000 a calendar year).

Outer Core Support includes benefits for two people.

Inner Core supporters (a gift of $10,000)  - Inner Core supports are at that level for life and includes benefits for a team up to four people.

We would like to have individuals, family teams and businesses be part of this support network. It’s easy to donate and your support is tax deducible for US residents.

What do supporters get back...

As well as the wonderful feeling that you have supported the EarthCache program, supporters will also receive the following benefits as a thank you from us for your support:

Crust supporters  Your caching name will appear on our supporter’s website page. 

A Crust Supporters icon to display on your cache pages/websites.

Mantle supporters   Your caching name will appear on our supporter’s website page. 

A Mantle Supporters icon to display on your cache pages/websites. 

A special Mantle EarthCache Supporter item to wear to events/caching. 

A 20% rebate on registration for official EarthCache Events (IEEs)

Outer Core supporters Your caching name will appear on our supporter’s website page. 

An Outer Core Supporters icon to display on your cache pages/websites. 

Two special Outer Core EarthCache Supporter item to wear caching. 

A 40% rebate on two registrations for official EarthCache Events (IEEs) 

You will be invited at attend EarthCache VIP functions at selected events. 

Inner Core supporters Your caching name will appear on our home/main website page 

You will receive free entry to all EarthCache Events (excluding Geoventures)

You will get a discount on EarthCache GeoVentures. 

You will get a discount on all EarthCache merchandise sold through the webstore. 

You will receive four special Inner Core EarthCache Supporter items. 

You will be invited at attend EarthCache VIP functions. 

An Inner Core supporters icon to display on your cache pages/websites.

Supporting the EarthCache Program is as easy...

How to donate online

Go to the GSA Foundation donation web page (click here)

Indicate a donation amount (see the levels above)

Click the drop down arrow to show the list of funds. Scroll down and click on Earthcache Fund.

Click Continue

On the next screen in the Optional Comments box add your Geocaching name so that we can recognize you on the website. 

Click continue and follow the screens for your personal information and credit card details.

To donate via the mail or fax

Click here to get the interactive form to complete and print.  Remember to change the fund to the EarthCache Fund and to add your Geocaching name where the form says "Company name".  Send the form to the address/fax number listed.

Thank you for your support!