Interdisciplinary Interest Groups (IIGs)

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GSA has been approached by members interested in forming ‘interdisciplinary interest groups’ that focus on scientific fields or topics that cut across several of the current GSA specialty science Divisions. Interdisciplinary Interest Groups will have an informal structure and assist members in organizing groups under the auspices of GSA, providing a discussion forum for scientific interests not currently well-served through the existing formal GSA Division structure.

For example, members could form a soils or karst interdisciplinary interest group which intersects the Hydrogeology, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology, and Environmental & Engineering Geology Divisions. GSA’s online Connected Community offers a structure and platform to host such groups and allows the flexibility to self-manage shared documents, post information, and facilitate group discussions.

IIGs provide an avenue to form member groups around interdisciplinary research areas and personally invite individuals to join, who may or may not already be members of GSA Divisions, and provide an avenue to engage more members within their professional interests. Once the IIG is established, active, and the membership numbers have grown to more than 100 members, the group may decide (or not) to apply to transition to be a GSA Division.

IIGs Activities & Goals:

  • Build interdisciplinary interactions across specific disciplines;
  • Sponsor topical or special sessions at GSA meetings (Section or Annual);
  • Develop opportunities for interdisciplinary and specialized meetings;
  • Submit interdisciplinary publications

IIGs Structure & Process:

  • Minimum group size of 25 GSA members (must be a GSA member to participate);
  • Member created community within the GSA Connected Community;
  • Must be an interdisciplinary science field;
  • Group organizer(s) develop a mission statement and goals and the group is organized under a simple set of GSA operating guidelines;
  • Group appoints a Chair and Community Administrator to provide leadership and post/manage/organize information in the Group’s online community;
  • Group submits a short proposal to GSA Council to organize the IIG. The proposal includes the initial 25 members, mission & goals, leadership, and specific operating guidelines;
  • After GSA Council approval, the group will be active as an IIG Community and can invite additional members;
  • IIGs will submit an annual report to GSA Council reporting on their activities, involvement in GSA meetings, and other pertinent information;
  • There is an initial one year (probationary) term of organization that will be extended for an additional 3 years if the group remains active. After 4 years the IIG will be reviewed by Council for renewal vis-a-vie the IIG’s stated goals and activities.

To Begin the Process

  • Contact GSA’s Justin Samuel (303.357.1026) to inquire about establishing a new member-created community of interest.
  • When your online community reaches at least 25 members, contact GSA’s Pamela Fistell (303.357.1044) for assistance in developing and submitting your IIG proposal and operating guidelines.