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On To the Future (OTF) is a grassroots initiative of The Geological Society of America (GSA) to provide partial-funding for diverse students to attend their first GSA Annual Meeting. 

Many GSA members describe their first GSA meeting as an exciting focal point in their professional development. It is the perfect situation for a student to gain exposure to the array of geoscience research and career options. GSA is also adding significant programs that facilitate effective mentoring relationships and networking opportunities. The personal connection accelerates the process of becoming an engaged and involved member of a scientific and professional community, and is an essential catalyst in transforming student into professional.

As society is becoming so very diverse, it is only fitting to be able to support this same opportunity to diverse students.

However, this opportunity is truly grass roots led, with a supportive Executive, Council, GSA Foundation and Diversity Community leading the way, the Society calls for the whole GSA to support this initiative - support, donate, and participate!

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Please check back in March 2015 for instructions on applying to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, Nov. 1-4.

See the eligibility and application instructions to find out if you qualify for this opportunity.

More Information
Please visit the OTF FAQ page to learn more or print the OTF Poster to showcase in your institution

Contact Tahlia Bear, or by phone at 303-357-1066



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Donate to the On To the Future Fund

Help us to ensure we can meet the needs of our 100 students by donating to the entire program.  GSA Foundation is in the process of raising $70,000 or more to support this exciting initiative!