EarthCache Video Competition 2014

As part of the celebrations of 10 years of EarthCaching, we are running a special competition in which you can use your creativity to video capture the wonder of an EarthCache site.  The competition is open to everyone, it’s free to enter, and selected videos will be shown at a number of special EarthCache Video Festival events at the end of 2014.


Major prizes will be awarded to the winning entries. 

Subject of the Video
To be eligible, videos need to highlight just ONE EarthCache and provide a geological lesson for the wider public - without giving away the answer to the EarthCache logging task.  It is an opportunity to show the WOW factor of the site as well as use the site as a place to teach people about the wonders of our Earth.  Remember, the slogan for EarthCaches is ‘Let the Earth be your teacher’ and your video should aim to do that!

Length of the Video
All videos must be NO LONGER than 120 seconds (2 minutes).  That includes all titles and credits. There is no minimum length.

What must the Video contain
All text needs to be in English.   Any non-English dialog must have English subtitles. Duel languages is allowed.

Slate or Title opening: Must open with a title showing the geocaching (GC) code of the EarthCache, the name of the EarthCache, the geocaching name of the EarthCache “owner” and the EarthCache Video Logo (download here).  All text must be in Arial font.

Closing credits: Must end with the geocaching (GC) code, the location (town, state, country), videographer’s name, names of any person appearing in the video, date it was created and the following text:

“The EarthCache program is part of The Geological Society of America’s outreach effort in partnership with and partners around the globe.”

The final image should have the name of the videographer and “CC BY-NC-ND 2014”. (See the section below on Video License and Intellectual property.)

Video definition and upload location
All videos need to be filmed and saved in the highest definition possible.

All videos need to be loaded up into YouTube or Vimeo, made public and the link provided into the competition online application form.

Please note that we may ask for the raw files (MP4) for selected videos so that they can be included in the final screenings.

Video License and Intellectual property
All videos should be saved as having a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND) license.  This means that the original author will be attributed (BY), requiring the work is not used for commercial purposes (NC) and allowing only the original work, without derivatives (ND).

Please note that a condition of entry is the The Geological Society of America will have your permission and rights to use all or any part of your video for display, screening, promotion and marketing purposes.  

Other conditions
As a condition of entry you must ensure that you:

  1. Have permission of the land manager/owner to record video of the site.  This can be an issue in any commercially operated places, such as caves.
  2. Have written permission for ANY person appearing in your video (use this video release form). The completed forms will need to be faxed to +1 207 274 2328 or emailed to as part of your entry.
  3. Have no material included that may be found offensive to any person living or deceased.
  4. While recording, please follow all the Leave No Trace principles, such as staying on established trails. for more details go to

How do I enter?
Complete your video following the guidelines above and upload it to YouTube and/or Vimeo and save the URL/Link (you will need to paste it into the entry form).

Complete the on-line form here ( by the 31 July 2014.

How will the judging work?
Using a panel of judges, each entry will be scored based on its EarthCache content and its videography skills.  

Printable competition information

Video release forms