EarthCache 10th Birthday

On the 10th of January 2004 on a headland 3 hrs south of Sydney, Australia the very first EarthCache was 'placed' by Geoaware and his two daughters.  EarthCache I - a simple geology tour of Wasp Head sat for two weeks before it was found by Tankengine.  The first log reads:

Chooo ooo *FTF* The family wanted to go to the beach today, and I thought that was a great idea! They had fun in the sand, and I went off to do the cache. It was great! Just a like exploring around the rock pools, but with a geology lesson thrown in! I’ve seen similar formations in the past, and often wondered how the heck they got to be like that, but here all was explained! Fantastic! The only minor difficulty was the initial access from the beach to the rocks, but after that it was easy going. (I think it was high tide).

Excellent cache thanks geoaware – now I’m looking forward to more…

Can you help us celebrate?
We are hoping that EarthCachers around the globe will hold some events to celebrate the 10 the birthday of EarthCaching.   If you organize an event, please let us know and we will highlight it on this page.  Email us here with details. Here is a Bookmark List of all known events. And you can read more about the 10 years of EarthCaching in the Official GSA Press Release, at the Blog and in a special Geocache of the Week feature. There is also a special Blog article by Geoaware.

Here are the current EarthCache 10th Birthday Events (that we know about)

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The official EarthCache 10 Year Anniversary Geocoin and Tag Set, designed by our good friends at Landsharkzis now available for sale here at Shop Geocaching. An image of the coin appears below.