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Can't find a topical session that fits your abstract?
No problem! In addition to topical sessions, we offer the following discipline categories. Discipline sessions are equally vital to our technical program and are an essential addition to the fulfillment of the overall meeting. Encourage your friends to submit a discipline abstract too.

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2013 Joint Technical Program Committee
2013 Technical Program Chair Dick Berg
2013 Technical Program Co-chair Kevin Mickus
GSA Technical Program Manager Nancy Wright
Archaeological Geology Division archaeological geology Katherine A. Adelsberger
Loren Davis
Association of Earth Science Editors geoscience information/communication Monica Easton
Coal Geology Division coal geology Mark A. Engle
Jennifer O'keefe
Environmental and Engineering Geology Division engineering geology Dennis Staley
Bill Burns
Environmental Geoscience Division environmental geoscience Robin John McDowell
Michael Young
Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division geomicrobiology Jocelyn Sessa
Frank A. Corsetti
Geochemical Society geochemistry, geochemistry, other
Bill Hart
Geoinformatics Division geoinformatics Kerstin Lehnert
Geology and Health Division geology & health Saugata Datta
Geology and Society Division geoscience and public policy D. Craig Cooper
R. Laurence Davis
Geophysics Division geophysics/tectonophysics/seismology Audrey D. Huerta
Samantha E. Hansen
Geoscience Education Division geoscience education Don Duggan-Haas Elizabeth Heise
Julie C. Libarkin
Geoscience Information Society (GSIS) geoscience information/communication Hannah Winkler
History and Philosophy of Geology Division history of geology James C. Dawson
Renee M. Clary
Hydrogeology Division hydrogeology Eliot Atekwana
Bill Sanford
Limnogeology Division limnogeology Dan Deocampo
Marine/Coastal Geology marine/coastal science Mike Lewis
Mineralogical Society of America mineralogy/crystallography; petrology, experimental; petrology, igneous; petrology, metamorphic; volcanology James S. Beard
Philip Brown
Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology Division mineralogy/crystallography; geochemistry; petrology, volcanology Eric H. Christiansen
Diane R. Smith
National Association of Geoscience Teachers geoscience education Aida Awad
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology paleoclimatology/paleoceanography Kristen St. John
Paleontological Society paleontology, biogeography/biostratigraphy; paleontology, diversity, extinction, origination; paleontology, paleoecology/taphonomy; paleontology, phylogenetic/morphological patterns Seth Finnegan
Phoebe Cohen
Thomas D. Olszewski
Petroleum/Energy petroleum Ann Vasko
Planetary Geology Division planetary geology; remote sensing/geographic information systems Robert C. Anderson
Debra Buczkowski
Devon M. Burr
Precambrian Geology Precambrian geology Carol D. Frost
Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division geomorphology; Quaternary geology Jim O'Connor
Alan R. Nelson
Sedimentary Geology Division sediments, carbonates; sediments, clastic; stratigraphy Lauren Birgenheier
Greg Ludvigson
SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) sediments, carbonates Neil Tabor
Society of Economic Geologists economic geology Nigel M. Kelly
Structural Geology and Tectonics Division neotectonics/paleoseismology; structural geology; tectonics Christine S. Siddoway
Dan Gibson