Annual Meeting Grants

Field Trip & Short Course Grants

Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division

Field Trip Grants
GSA’s Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division (QG&G) will subsidize the registration cost for the first 15 students who register for the annual Kirk Bryan Field Trip (#421). Interested students should sign up for the field trip as soon as possible because reimbursement is on a first-come, first-served basis. Open to GSA members only, with preference to student members of the QG&G Division.
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Structural Geology and Tectonics Division


Student Short Course / Field Trip Grants
Application deadline: 18 September

Students interested in attending short courses or field trips at the annual meeting may apply for support from GSA’s Structural Geology and Tectonics Division. Successful applicants will receive funds to pay all or a portion of the registration fees associated with short courses or field trips

Paleontological Society

Field Trip Scholarships
The Paleontological Society is offering four scholarships for students who would like to participate in the Field Trip 425 - History of Paleontology at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument on 31 October.

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship must be a current member of the Paleontological Society and enrolled in a college or university where they are pursuing a degree related to paleontology. Applications should be addressed to the field trip leader, Herb Meyer. Applications should include a statement of relevance of the student’s studies and interests to the field trip topic, a statement of what they would expect to gain from the field trip, willingness to provide limited logistics assistance during the trip, and one reference sent directly by a professor to the same e-mail address. Students should register for the field trip and will be reimbursed directly from the Paleontological Society.

Travel Grants

International Section

International Travel Grants
Application deadline was: 5 July

GSA’s International Section is offering travel grants to help support the participation of international scientists and students in the annual meeting. Travel grant funds are limited and cannot cover the full cost to attend the meeting but are intended to help offset the combined cost of registration, housing, and travel.

GSA Sections (North America & Mexico)

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GSA Student Travel Grants
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GSA Sections offer travel grants to help students attend the annual meeting. Click here to check the eligibility requirements for your Section. The application deadline was 23 September.

Geoscience Education Division


Student Travel Grants
Application deadline: 15 September

GSA’s Geoscience Education Division (GED) is offering travel grants of up to US$500 to GED student members who are presenting work in geoscience education at the annual meeting. Grants will be awarded based on merit and financial need.

Planetary Geology Division


Student Travel Grants
Application deadline: 20 September

GSA’s Planetary Geology Division (PGD) is offering travel grants of US$500 each to help defray costs for PGD student members who are traveling to the annual meeting to present first-authored papers.