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Offset your meeting costs and be an invaluable asset to the meeting

Student Volunteer Office Hours
Colorado Convention Center, Room 204
Friday 25 Oct. 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday - Wednesday 26-30 Oct. 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • FREE meeting registration if you work 10 volunteer hours (no need to pay upfront).
  • PLUS US$25 stipend for every 5 hours that you work as a volunteer.
  • PLUS free Abstracts with Programs volume by volunteering 15 hours.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering, however we are oversubscribed for the 2013 meeting in Denver and we are not accepting new volunteers at this time.

Editing Your Work Schedule:

Jobs fill quickly, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get ten hours or the jobs you want. Check back frequently to Edit Your Schedule to add, change or delete jobs. You can Edit Your Schedule up to and through the meeting. See Cancellations below about charges for cancelling your hours and/or coming to the meeting as a regular student member without volunteering.


Your commitment to work means that people are depending on you to be there to perform your assigned tasks. Cancellations after 16 October until the start of the meeting will incur a US$30 cancellation fee. If you cancel as a volunteer and later (through 24 October) decide to still come to the meeting, you'll be charged the US$115 student registration fee.

During the meeting, if you decide not to work as a student volunteer, notify the Student Volunteer Office or Heather Clark. You'll be charged the regular on-site student registration fee (US$150).

Contact Heather Clark, +1-800-472-1988, ext 1018 (toll-free), or +1-303-357-1018, if you have any questions or concerns about your work schedule (please read the FAQs first).