5th Annual Photo Contest

Five Categories This Year
  1. Regional Geology:
    Landscapes, features, or geologic activity within the Rocky Mountain region;
  2. Abstract Images:
    The patterns of geology at any scale, from photomicrographs to satellite images;
  3. Geologic Processes Past and Present:
    Processes or features resulting from a specific process (for example: an erupting volcano or volcanic rocks that represent ancient eruptions).
  4. Iconic Landscapes:
    Iconic geologic landscapes and features (for example: Grand Canyon, Death Valley);
  5. NEW: Gigapixel Photos:
    High-resolution, interactive gigapixel panoramic images.

Plus: A student photo contest is in the works. Check back soon for updates.

This year the images were more compelling than ever, and judges -- all distinguished photographers, chose among 259 images submitted by 56 photographers.
Stephen Weaver, (Geological Photography)
Charly Bloomquist (Fine Art Photography), and
Alan Jones,(Landscape and Fine Art Photography)

All images will be displayed on a large-screen video monitor at GSA, and all are eligible for voting in the Audience Favorites, which determines which images appear in the GSA Calendar!

Blue Ribbon
2013 Winners

First:       Ted Daschler
Second: Kate Atakturk
Third:      Kathy Cashman

Honorable Mention:
Raymond Coveney
Martin Acster



First:       Daan Vanhove
Second: Rob Thomas
Third:      Balazs Toro

Honorable Mention:
Chad Trexler
John Leeman


First:       Michael Davias
Second: Raymond Coveney
Third     : Ronald Parker

Honorable Mention:
Kaytan Zatwarniki
Kathy Cashman
Lynne Beatty
Mark Ryan


First: Brett G. Kelvie
Second: Ted Sayre
Third: Raymond Coveney
Fourth: Stephen Picek
Fifth: Bill Cannon

Thank you ALL for shooting great images, and for submitting your work!
We look forward to seeing more of your images in the future.