Event Planning Guide

Due to the proximity of the event please contact the meetings department directly at bsundeen@geosociety.org if you need to add a request for a meeting room. Thank you and see you in Denver!

Join us in Denver, Colorado for the 2013 GSA Annual Meeting celebrating GSA’s 125th Anniversary!  We will start with the 2013 Denver Icebreaker on Saturday, 26 October, from 5-7 p.m. The GSA Presidential Address and President’s Medal Presentations along with the GSA Awards Ceremony and GSA Gold Medal Lectures will continue to be part of the Lunchtime Lecture Series. Join us on Sunday, 27 October and Monday, 28 October, from 12-1 p.m. at the Colorado Convention Center for these distinguished presentations. [See Key Events]

125th Anniversary Gala — Tuesday, 29 October, History Colorado Center

Please join us in celebration of The Geological Society of America’s 125th Anniversary! The Gala dinner will feature a performance of a newly commissioned symphony in honor of GSA’s 125th year, performed by the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. Purchase your ticket for this event when you register for the meeting — limited number of tickets available.

Space Request Form

To arrange for meeting rooms to hold events (i.e. business meetings, luncheons, receptions, alumni receptions, etc.) you must complete and submit the Space Request Form along with your payment. The information you submit will assist us in determining the size of room you need for your event and the information for your event listing in the GSA Program Book. All meeting space assignments will be made by the GSA Meetings Department staff. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests.

Space Request Dos and Don’ts

  • DO submit your Space Request Submission by the Deadline of 5 June
  • DO complete the form for EACH event (i.e. if you have 3 events you will need to complete 3 submissions)
  • DO complete the form to hold your event at one of the Official GSA Event Locations
  • DO complete the form to have an “off site” event listed in the GSA Program Book (an “off site” event is one that is being held at a location other than an Official GSA Event Location)
  • DO complete all FIVE steps in the submission process
  • DO save your email confirmation – this is your way to review your submission and make changes if needed
  • DO allow emails from gsa@confex.com and spacerequest@geosociety.org – these are from GSA
  • DO relax once your submission is complete – there is nothing you need to do until July
  • DO NOT complete the space request form for GSA Official Technical Sessions
  • DO NOT contact the Official GSA Event Locations directly to reserve meeting space

Official GSA Event Locations

Colorado Convention Center
700 14th Street | Denver, CO 80202
[ floorplan ]
GSA Contact for this location:  Melissa Cummiskey | mcummiskey@geosociety.org
Services Manager:  Melissa Cummiskey

Hyatt Regency CCC (at Colorado Convention Center)
650 15th Street | Denver, CO 80202
[ floorplan ]
GSA Contact for this location: Becky Sundeen | bsundeen@geosociety.org
Services Manager:  Assigned in July and contact information will be included in your Room Assignment Notification

Grand Hyatt Denver
1750 Welton Street | Denver, CO 80202
[ floorplan ]
GSA Contact for this location: Becky Sundeen | bsundeen@geosociety.org
Services Manager:  Assigned in July and contact information will be included in your Room Assignment Notification

Registration, technical programs, poster sessions, and exhibits will be held at the Colorado Convention Center.  GSA Field Trips will also depart from the Colorado Convention Center.  The Hyatt Regency CCC and Grand Hyatt are co-headquarter hotels and where the majority of non-technical events will be held.


5 June Deadline to submit Space Request Form; after this date all new Space Request Submissions:
  • Will have an increase in the space request fees
  • Will receive a Room Assignment Notification around the end of July or first of August
Early July Room Assignment Notifications will be sent via email for all submissions received prior to 5 June. The notification will be sent from spacerequest@geosociety.org and will include:
  • The Event Location and Room Name for your event*
  • Name, phone and email of your Services Manager (person you will work with from the Convention Center, Hyatt Regency CCC or Grand Hyatt to finalize all the arrangements for your event)
  • Instructions on how to submit your food/beverage, audio visual, room set up, etc.
*If your event is being held in a technical session room the room will be assigned in late August when the Technical Session is finalized.

21 August

Deadline to submit orders for food/beverage, audio visual, etc. Refer to your Room Assignment Notification that was sent in July for instructions on submitting this information.

End of August Technical program is finalized and room assignments will be made for events held in Technical Session rooms.
September All non-technical events will be listed on GSA web site; personal scheduler will be available
30 September New Space Request submissions received after this date will have an additional increase in the space request fees (link to fees and guidelines)
17 October Final Guarantees Due for food/beverage to your assigned Services Manager. If no guarantee is provided you will be charged for the number of people listed on your Space Request Submission or actual attendance, whichever is higher.