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Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary

10:30 a.m., Friday, 25 Oct, Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo, Colorado
Dedication ceremony for signage marking the Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP; “Golden Spike”) in collaboration with GSA. Cosponsors: Colorado Parks & Wildlife; International Commission on Stratigraphy; International Union of Geological Sciences; National Science Foundation; Northwestern University; University of Wisconsin–Madison

Global Stratotype Section and Point: 38.2822° N Latitude  |  104.7275° W Longitude
[ more info ]

KU Dept of GeologyIcebreakerIcebreaker

Saturday, 5-7 p.m., Mile High Ballroom 1A-F
Sponsored by KU Dept of Geology.
Join your colleagues and friends on Saturday evening, 26 Oct., to catch up, plan your week ahead, and enjoy music, a special label beer, wine, and fun! [ more about the band ]

Special Lectures

Public Lecture: Saturday, 2-3:30 p.m.
For the Love of Nature: Bridging the Human-Nature Divide in the 21st Century (Scott Sampson)

Subaru Outdoor Life Lecture: Monday, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Geology from 200 Miles Up to 65 Feet Below (Dorothy (Dottie) M. Metcalf-Lindenburger)


Film Screenings

Manufactured Landscapes
Sunday, 2-4 p.m.
A film by the President's Medalist Edward Burtynsky that will be shown after the Presidential Address.

Shored Up
Monday, 2:30-4:30 p.m.
This film takes us to the heart of this climate change controversy, following communities in NJ and NC where politics, economics and science collide.

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Ongoing Events …

GSA’s 2013 HALL of FAME: Celebrating 125 Years of Geoscience

Pause in the bustle of the Annual Meeting to visit the Hall of Fame in the Convention Center and acknowledge your well-deserving and hard-working colleagues, mentors, and students. Take a moment to watch our honorees scroll by on this digital display and be sure to congratulate these colleagues or students when you see them!

Better yet, see your distinguished peers in person at the GSA Awards Ceremony on Monday, 28 Oct., at noon in the Mile High Ballroom 2AB/3AB.

Lava Cap Merlot


GSA is celebrating 125 years of geoscience innovation with Lava Cap wines, which are nourished by the prime volcanic soil of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. As geologists, the Jones winemaking family appreciates GSA’s interest in Earth’s history, processes, and resources.

GSA will have the wine on hand at the meeting, but you can get it sooner by ordering online.

Here’s to 125 years of ground-breaking geoscience and our passion for the never-ending mysteries of Earth!
Hall of Maps

As part of GSA’s 125th anniversary celebration, the Society will feature a map exhibit, including notable historic maps, state survey maps, and modern digital displays. Early geologic maps from Smith, Lyell, King, Hayden, Hitchcock, and more will be reproduced at their original sizes, giving you a look back in time at the origin and evolution of geologic mapping. State surveys from around the country will be providing geologic maps that showcase significant geologic features and the changes in mapping technology and geologic understanding through time. On the digital side, modern displays will showcase the latest in digital mapping techniques, including LiDAR, 3-D and 4-D maps, and Google map overlays.

Field Assistant Ale
Everyone Needs a Field Assistant —

GSA has partnered with Colorado’s own Left Hand Brewing Company to bring you GSA’s 125th Anniversary labeled brew: “Field Assistant Ale.” Grab a bottle to enjoy during the Saturday Icebreaker, Sunday Exhibits Opening Reception, or during the afternoon beer receptions, Mon.–Wed., 5–6:30 p.m., while you peruse the Poster Sessions. Special commemorative “Field Assistant Ale” items will be available for purchase in the GSA Bookstore.


Sat., 26 Oct., 4–4:45 p.m., CCC, Room 401

If this is your first GSA Annual Meeting, you’re invited to stop by for this quick orientation to find out how to best navigate the meeting and make the most of it.


GSA Annual Meeting attendees are invited to visit EarthCache sites in the Denver area. EarthCaching is a GPS-based outdoor activity that brings people to sites of geological interest. To find EarthCache sites near Denver, go to and enter zip code 80202 or enter any of the following GC-codes: GCN6PW (“Denver Stones EarthCache”); GCPK40 (“Denver Stones Capitol EarthCache”); GCMQGG (“Dinosaur Ridge EarthCache”); GCMQ8J (“Mines Geology Trail EarthCache”); and GC23F6P (“Red Rocks Unconformity EarthCache”).