GSA Headquarters Now Making Electricity
solar panels phase 2
Phase 2 of GSA's solar installation was completed in August 2013 with 240 Panels 68kW - 104,000 kWh.
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In furtherance of GSA’s mission in promoting stewardship of the earth, GSA works continuously to minimize the environmental impacts associated with the planning and execution of all our meetings.

The Colorado Convention Center has in place substantial green initiatives, including a solar array, environmental certifications, biorenewable cleaning products, among many others . In addition, all materials coming out of the CCC food function area will be compostable. Attendees and exhibitors can participate with us by recycling all paper, cardboard, aluminum and tin, and glass and plastic (marked 1-6). There will also be badge recycling at the end of the meeting.

Just a few of GSA’s other green efforts for the meeting include: meeting program printed with 50% total recovered fiber (10% post-consumer); rechargeable batteries in laser pointers and other devices; electronic lead retrieval for exhibitors; water stations (instead of bottled water); and material recycling.

At GSA HQ: We recycle! Compost, paper towels, paper, bottles, etc. GSA's "Green Team" has several other initiatives going, including monitoring commuting methods and providing free bus passes. Another group at GSA runs an organic community garden. Learn more about stewardship at HQ.

Please consider contributing to the GSA Foundation’s Energy and Conservation Fund if you want to make a carbon offset donation for your attendance at the meeting. This Fund is used to fund sustainability projects at GSA Headquarters, including the current installation of phrase two of our solar project.

Please see our Tips for Green(er) Travel for easy sustainability practices for getting to Denver and during the meeting.