About the Meeting

Visit Denver
The Visit Denver/Convention Visitors Bureau has a special site just for GSA Annual Meeting attendees. Learn about all the exciting activities in the Denver region.

Why should YOU participate in GSA’s 125th Anniversary Meeting?

GSA is Celebrating Advances in Geoscience —

Our science, our societal impact, and our unique thought processes looking at how far we have come in the last 50 years and predicting future advances.

There are plenty of good reasons to join your colleagues at any GSA Annual Meeting, but this year affords a special opportunity to reflect on how GSA and its members are building upon the Society’s long tradition of achievements and laying the groundwork for future generations of geoscientists.

GSA salutes the contributions of the global geoscience community, and welcomes colleagues and friends from around the world. Visit the visas page for information about international travel.

Geoscience Rock Stars
GSA has been bringing scientists together for 125 Years,
and we’re good at it.

Learn what geoscientists outside your discipline are thinking and doing.

Meet the people who have inspired you.

Share your wisdom with someone younger.

On To the Future: Help 125 under-represented scientists get to the meeting for the first time through our OTF program.

GSA scientists are turning information into knowledge
and discoveries into solutions.
Poster Sessions

Be here for that.

Choose among thousands of presentations to attend and revel in the possibilities.

Join conversations with scholars and industry leaders who are working on tomorrow’s problems today.

Invest in your future.

Partake of professional development opportunities in the form of short courses, mentor programs, scientific field trips, or simply informal conversations with colleagues.

Give and receive peer input that will make your work and that of others better.

Check out the Exhibit Hall for jobs, graduate schools, the newest books, and the latest technologies in your field.

Make your mark on this vibrant geoscience community
and be a part of the legacy for the next 125 years!

Present your science.

Have Fun!



Inquire about options available for financial assistance to attend this meeting.